How To Use Sanda Oil or Saandhha Oil - Video Instruction

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How to use Sanda Oil or Saandhha Oil Video Instruction

We have researched many different variations of this exercise and we are able to give you the basic exercise first and then you can advance onto the variations as and when you feel necessary.

The main function of all the variations is to increase the length, strength and thickness of the Male Organ. It works by filling the Corpora Cavernosa with more blood than normal. The excess blood allows the area to be stretched further and further. The workout breaks down fibers, which grow back bigger than before.

Apply Saandhha oil on the Loose Organ (don’t apply Saandhha oil on the open side of your Organ head) and start with a partially (70-80%) erect Organ, then grasp your Organ between your finger and thumb using the 'OK' sign (refer to pictures)

Thus trapping all loose blood in your Organ, Firmly move your fore finger and thumb down the Organ pushing the blood into the head of the Male Organ. The general concept is: the more blood accumulates the thicker and larger the head becomes. Starting with your preferred hand (in this case the right hand) milk downwards from the base towards the tip, as your right hand nears the head grab the base with your left hand and release your right hand as you reach the Organ head. Follow the same procedure again, this time milking with your left hand and grabbing with your right - a sort of passover system.

This gorges the cells and when they are repaired they are able to hold a lot more blood. This exercise can be done either sitting down or standing. The below mentioned process will be counted as 1 (one).

Practice this above steps for 5 minutes and then use Organ Developer Pump.

Click here for the instruction of Organ Developer Pump.

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